2004 Nepal (Trekking) 3 Months


A journey to remember!  A friend and I went to the Himalayas to do a bit of trekking, in the end we did the Annapurna Circle, Annapurna Basecamp, Everest Basecamp and even had time left for some culture including the bakery temptations of the rooftop coffeeshops in Kathmandu.  We trekked between 4 and 6 hours a day then went on a little bit further/higher for acclimatisation reasons then back to a lodge we had previously passed, that was our daily rhythm.  We were both very fit at this stage of life and our only limitation was not climbing too high too fast and getting altitude sickness.  We visited Tilicho Lake at 4949m, one of the highest lakes in the world, we had nearly 3 months of the most stunning weather with very cold nights, we ate good local food and we were never sick.  I had a great time there, thanks Anja!