South America

If travel is being discussed invariably someone will mention South America with either longing or fond memories. We had heard multiple reports of the wonders and challenges of traveling in this huge continent and the cogs began turning ... could this be our next adventure? Gradually over the weeks a plan evolved and we set the wheels in motion to make it happen.

This is the world's 4th largest continent and is renowned for its diversity of geography and landscape boasting the world's largest rainforest and river, longest mountain range, highest waterfall and the driest place on the planet as well as remote islands, incredible beaches and icy landscapes. With this huge variety of habitats lives an equally huge range of wildlife and South America has more species of birds than any other continent.

It also has a rich history and culture, the world's southernmost city as well as some of its biggest festivals and not to forget ... access to Antarctica. Sound fantastic? We're about to find out!