El Bolson - Santiago (10/02/16 - 12/03/16)

El Bolson - Santiago

At last advice from the embassy that Martin's passport was ready then a rush trip across the contintent to reach Buenos Aires after Carnival and before the weekend, mission successful and by midnight we were on the Buquebus back to Uruguay. Then two weeks wait while the passport was sent to Washington for visas - an unavoidable and annoying result of a theft early in our journey! On the bright side we found a fabulous spot in Uruguay between Colonia and Montevideo and camped on the grounds of a lovely Swiss Hotel to wait it out.

Everything went to plan and with the passport and visa in hand we began the return journey back to Chile, this time taking a more northerly route through Mendoza and down into Santiago, the highlight was the incredible road over the Paso Los Libertadores at 3200m and with its 29 tight switchbacks and stark scenery and incredible views.