Master Carpenter, Qualified Technician, Truck/Busdriver



Photographer, bush mechanic, expedition leader, safety evaluation, navigation, problem management



Travelling, motorbikes, photography, biking, tramping, fishing, web research, outdoor cooking, archery



The composure of a chair that has to cope with any ass



Country's visited

About this site


This is basically a private site which I use as a diary to record my travels but also for family and friends to share my experiences and adventures.

Maintaining the website is a good way to process my experiences along the way and I will maintain it on a random basis without pressure so it doesn't become a drag.

This homepage is not a manual to follow my tracks but hopefully inspires some people to get up and out to explore the world on their own.



Any complaints about this website will be forwarded to my problem solving committee .....

..... the guys put their best smile up for you.