1983 Canada, USA (Hitchhiking, Walking) 3 Month


My first Travel experience took me to Canada, the country of my dreams at that time, the plan was to go bush.  I had all the Equipment with me that I thought was necessary, I had a 30kg backpack on my back when I stepped out of the plane.  I decided to walk from Vancouver Airport to downtown Vancouver, it took me 2 days, I had blisters on both feet, I learnt a lot about orientation in cities and my English improved by 100%.


The next few days found me walking North on the Highway, the Canadians are nice people and many of them stopped their cars to ask me if I wanted a lift.  At first I didn't understand what they were offering but I eventually figured it out and liked the idea of getting free transport.  Soon I realized that to go bush with my lack of outdoor experience could end in disaster so I changed the plan and went from a "want to be" Trapper to a Hitchhiker.  I dropped the 30kg pack for a 10kg bag and learned the first lesson in my Travel life - travel as light as possible!  From this day on my backpacks never exceeded 10kg in total.


I travelled along the Trans Canada Highway to the East Coast, down to Florida, across the States to San Francisco and up to Vancouver again.  In this 3 months I spent only 4 days in a Hostel, the rest I just slept where I was, Bus Stations, Truck Stops, Parks, under Bridges, twice friendly Police Officers let me stay in their jails.  In New York I was sleeping on a park bench when out of a passing car someone shot at me … lousy shooter, he missed!  Fast Food restaurants have been my best friends, buy a coffee and use the toilet facilities for free.  I walked the Grand Canyon in one day, slept on Daytona Beach, drove with crazy people, met many many friendly people, learned heaps.


This journey was the most important in my life, I learned how to survive any situation life throws at me.  I call this journey my basic training.


sorry no pictures left from this time!